The adhesives of this line allow the locking of bearings, bushings and cylindrical parts in the housings and on the shafts.

The adhesives of this line allow to seal threaded connections with watertightness, replacing all types of tapes, hemp and sealing pastes.

The adhesives in this line allow you to lock and brake any threaded fastening parts (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) preventing spontaneous loosening due to vibrations and/or impacts.

The adhesives of this line allow to seal flat couplings, fringed joints of pumps and gearboxes.

Instant adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based, solvent-free adhesives used to glue small parts having a very rapid fixing since they cure very quickly.

Activators are effective cleaners for preparing surfaces when fixture times are very long

Two-component epoxy adhesives allow you to join combinations of materials such as metal with plastic, metal with glass, metal with wood

Metal-based fillers allow you to repair and protect damaged machinery and equipment without the need to weld

The adhesive of this line has been designed to seal and block threaded parts, in particular it allows the filling of micro-cracks in fusion and welding.

We coat automotive rollers with our products, guaranteeing perfect adherence between the new coating and the tube of the roller over the years, making them look like new again.